Paws & Claws Adoption Center


Adoption Fees:
     Spayed/neutered & rabies vaccinated - $150
     Intact $75 + $40 spay/neuter deposit.

All dogs have been examined by our Veterinarian, vaccinated against Rabies (if old enough), Kennel Cough, Distemper and Parvo, dewormed and treated for fleas. Dogs over 6 months of age have also been tested for Heartworms and most are spayed or neutered.
Adoption fee also includes micro-chip with lifetime registration.
We recommend that you bring your pet from home to meet any new dog you are thinking of adopting.
Have questions about any of our dogs?  email us at
A Life Without A Dog Is A Mistake... Carl Zuckmayer
Updated 8/18/2016
We have 10 dogs
available for adoption
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Bobby - Neutered Male
In on 3/4/16
Wisdom: "Maybe you've been looking for love in all the wrong places."
Pit mix
Approximately 1 yr old
Weight: 54 pounds
Friendly and outgoing personality.
General - Neutered Male
In on 4/8/16
Wisdom: "Work can wait another 30 minutes, there are more important things to throwing sticks."
Amy - Spayed Female
In on 4/27/16
Motto: "There is NOTHING better than a tummy rub"
Approximately 5 years old
Weight: 74 pounds
Lighter colored than most huskies, she is friendly, outgoing and always has a happy smile.
Husky mix
Approximately 1-2 years old
Weight: 53 pounds
Typical of the breed, this dog is energetic and friendly, however he is a little reserved with new people. These dogs tend to be escape artists, so if you are interested in him, you will need to have a good, high fence.
We do not recommend this dog to families with young children.
amy__may_2016.jpg maddie._june_2016.jpg
Maddie - Spayed Female
In on 6/1/16
Wisdom: " In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog."
Breed: Labrador mix
Approx. Age: 1-2 years
Weight: 54 pounds

This dog is friendly, outgoing, and high energy. She does not appear to have had much training, but loves people and wants to please.
Tanner - Neutered Male
In on 6/27/16
Wisdom: "I have found that chasing your own tail only gets you back to where you started from.
Breed: Chihuahua mix
Approx. Age: 2 years
Weight: 10#
Friendly, alert, young enough to make the transitition to a new family and have many years of fun together.
Timmy- Neutered Male
In on 7/2/16
Motto: Let me be a heartbeat at your feet."
Breed: Chihuahua mix
Approx. Age: 3 years
Weight: 8#
Nicole - Spayed Female
In on 7/9/16
Motto: " You may not be able to see my smile, but just watch my tail and you will know when I am happy."
Breed: Labrador
Approx. Age: 1 year
Weight: 63#
Luther - Neutered Male
In on 8/8/16
"Why does watching a dog be a dog, fill us with so much happiness?"
Belinda - Spayed Female
In on 7/17/16
"No matter what you say to your dog, she will look at you and think you a wise person."
Mary - Spayed Female
In on 7/21/16
"Hounds follow those who feed them"